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Thank you so much to everyone that purchased tickets and donated prizes to this years Easter Raffle.

And a special mention to our 2 major contributors who generously donated Gift Vouchers:

Fiona from Bird and Bay

and __ from District Brewer


Major 1st - Elliette McLean 1W Tix: 10688 (Purchased by Sarah McLean)

Major 2nd - Chloe Mann 5M Tix: 10568 (Purchased by Danielle Rae)

Major 3rd - Maya Woods 4H Tix: 10643 (Purchased by Anita Woods)

Highest Fundraiser - Ben Harrison 3Y

Staff - Jessica Coles Tix: 10759


PB - James Pelosi Tix: 10750 (Purchased by Selena O’Callaghan)

PC - Indie Beattie Tix: 10616 (Purchased by Tyson Beattie)

PD - Hannah Cross Tix: 10685 (Purchased by Michelle Cross)

PS - Albert Picolli Schmieg Tix: 10708 (Purchased by Carla Picolli Schmieg)

Grade 1

1F - Leila Ritchie Tix: 10757 (Purchased by Mariam Ritchie)

1V - AnnikaTuli Tix: 10668 (Purchased by Navroop Tuli)

1W - Oscar Besnard Tix: 10662 (Purchased by Danielle Besnard)

1Y - James Hillgemann Tix: 10547 (Purchased by Sophie Hagan)

Grade 2 2C - Leila Sturm Tix: 10679 (Purchased by Linda Sturm)

2Q - Lana Antoniou Tix: 10620 (Purchased by Tony Antoniou)

2S - Sara Housa Tix: 10608 (Purchased by Andrea Turcinova)

2T - Nika Ghamaryari Tix: 10640 (Purchased by Nika Ghamaryari)

Grade 3

3A - Emily Connell Tix: 10563 (Purchased by Allison Connell)

3G - Charlotte Watson Tix: 10772 (Purchased by Siobhan Rankin)

3T - Harrison Pribetic Tix: 10669 (Purchased by Dean Pribetic)

3Y - Hunter Crofts Tix: 10622 (Purchased by Bree Laurie)

Grade 4

4A - Ryan Bilbao Tix: 10664 (Purchased by Rebecca Bilbao)

4H - Liling Jiang Tix: 10587 (Purchased by Liya Guan)

4L - Charlotte Galbraith Tix: 10717 (Purchased by Charlotte Galbraith)

4M - Jack Hutton Tix: 10631 (Purchased by Kate Hutton)

Grade 5

5E - Sophie Ferrier Tix: 10781 (Purchased by Steph Ferrier)

5M - Annabelle Ellett Tix: 10674 (Purchased by Ruth Townsend-Ellett)

5O - Vivienne Bright Tix: 10576 (Purchased by Jill Bright)

5Z - Alexandra Kenny Tix: 10607 (Purchased by Melissa Almeida)

Grade 6

6A - Isla Mitchell Tix: 10724 (Purchased by Nicole Aquilina)

6F - Dimitri Giazi Tix: 10569 (Purchased by Florence Giazi)

6H - Harper Coulthard Tix: 10752 (Purchased by Stuart Coulthard)

6M - Luca Ciccolallo Tix: 10633 (Purchased by Josie Ciccollalo)

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